40 feet container order proposal

On October 27, 2012 , we wrote a article with the title “why not 40 HQ container?”, suggesting our customer/distributors not to take 40 HQ container when ordering Pangu wall panels.

Yesterday we loaded a container 40 feet in our factory, in which we found an idea about loading 40 feet container.

We know that normally the maximum weight limited of 40 feet container is 24000 Kgs, and each textured wall panel or sculptured wall panel is 28 Kgs to 30 Kgs (after packing), and a 40 feet container can fit 900 wall panels. if we fit all these panels into the 40 feet container, it will be overweight. However, we also note that each decorative grille panel is around 20 Kgs (also including packing), so if we fit 300 panels of decorative grill and 600 panels of textured wall panels or sculptured wall panels, then the total weight comes to 24000Kgs (300 panels*20Kgs per panel + 600 panels*30 Kgs per panel = 24000 Kgs). it doesn’t excess the maximum weight limited.

Conclusion: If you take both textured wall panels and decorative grille panels, 40 feet container is also selectable.

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