About the fuzzy problem of some raw MDF panels

For quite a long time, we are puzzled about the fuzzy problem of some raw finish MDF panels, for all the raw mdf panel are from the same raw material supplier, while after carving out, we found that most of the panels are very smooth, while some of the panels are very fuzzy, we have to burnish 2 times before putting putty on them.

Now finally we found the answers, the main reason for this problem is because of the damp environment of the MDF. we have done a experiment, we bought 400 raw MDF panels from our raw material supplier, and carve 200 panels as soon as we received the panels, we found that all there 200 panels are very smooth; in the coming several days, it is rainy, after that we take out the left 200 panels and carve them, this time we found that of of them are a bit fuzzy, and the top several panels are much fuzzy, this experiment proved that the raw finished panels will be fuzzy if the raw MDF in damp environment.

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  1. Ronam Jacson says:

    Well, I get it now, in Spring in China, the weather is wet, so your wall panels are easy to get fuzzy.

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