Colorful 3D Wall Finishes

As a world famous manufacturer, Pangu focuses in developing exciting interior environments through the application and installation of 3d wall panels. We are focusing on the trend of designs, and keep creating the new patterns for customers, here we would like to share part of our 3d wall finishes.

3d wall finishes - White finish

White paint finish

NO.1 3d wall finishes – White paint finish: White paint finish is our standard finish, most of our distributors and customers like to take the panels in white paint finish, because they can use the panels directly or paint any color they like as soon as they receive the white paint finish panels.

3d wall finishes - Primer finish

Primer finish

NO.2 3d wall finishes – Primer finish: Primer finish panels are also popular for some furniture companies and some end users, primer finish panels can be painted in any color directly, some customer like to paint as their own test, primer finish is the one to meet their needs.

3d wall finishes - Veneer surface

Veneer surface

NO.3 3d wall finishes – Veneer surface: There are two kinds of veneer finishes – one layer veneer finish and multilayer veneer finish. this photo is one layer veneer finish.

3d wall finishes - Black color finish

Black color finish

NO.4 3d wall finishes – Black color finish: The finish in black paint, for this photo, the finish is gloss black.

3d wall finishes - Pearl white

Pearl white

NO.5 3d wall finishes – Pearl white: Another color finish but different from white paint panels.

3d wall finishes - Fantasize golden

Fantasize golden

NO.6 3d wall finishes – Fantasize golden: A kind of color paint that make the panels looks like the gold.

3d wall finishes - Gold foil

Gold foil

NO.7 3d wall finishes – Gold foil: The gold foil finish panel are not paint finish, we put a kind of gold foil plaster on the surface of the primer finish panels to make them looks sparkle.

3d wall finishes - Silver paint finish

Silver paint finish

NO.8 3d wall finishes – Silver paint finish: The panels in silver paint finish can make the panel looks like metal.

3d wall finishes - Featured finish

3d wall finishes - Featured finish

NO.9 3d wall finishes – Featured finish: this is a photo of our pattern WP3036, we paint the “bole” in golden color, while leave the other parts in red.

3d wall finishes - raw finish

raw finish

NO.10 3d wall finishes – raw finish: Please note that the raw finish panels can not be used directly,  they need many other process before painting.

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  1. Cheri says:

    what kind of paint can be used to add decorative color to the panels?

    oil base??
    water base??

    thank you

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