Container Infomation

container information for regular containers:

container types container size container capacity weight limited* capacity of pangu panels WP
20 feet 5.69M*2.13M*2.18M 24-26CMB 17.5T 450 panels
40 feet 11.8M*2.13M*2.18M 54CMB 22T 900 panels
40 feet HQ 11.8M*2.13M*2.72M 68CMB 22T 900 panels
45 feet HQ 13.58M*2.34M*2.71M 86CMB 29T not recommend
20 feet OPEN TOP 5.89M*2.32M*2.31M 31.5CMB 20T not recommend
40 feet OPEN TOP 12.01M*2.33M*2.15M 30.4CMB 75T not recommend
20 feet FLAT RACK 5.85M*2.23M*2.15M 23CMB 28T not recommend
40 feet FLAT RACK 12.05M*2.12M*1.96M 50CMB 36T not recommend

* Weight limited: The maximum weight limited may vary from different owners of the vessel or the ports.
The standard size of Pangu textured wall panels (after pack): 1.25m*2.48m*20mm, the standard size of Pangu textured wall panels is 1220mm*2440mm*15mm (before pack)

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  1. Annie says:

    I’m a home owner at U.S., where can I purchase your wall panels?

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