Decorative Grille Panels

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PANGU GP Series :: Decorative Grille Panels :: Selections

Decorative Grille Panels :: Summary
Pangu Decorative grille panel is another kind of  innovative decor material make out of middle density fibre board (MDF) or high density fibre board (HDF). different from textures wall panels and sculptured wall panels, decorative grille panels can “see through”.

decorative grille panels

Decorative Grille Panels :: Specifications
The Standard size of decorative grille panel is 1200mm*2400mm*15mm, with white paint finishes in both sides. Most of decorative grille panels are flat, but some of them also have 3d effects, such as GP4037, GP4004.

Decorative Grille Panels :: Pattern Designs Custom Made
Further to our wide range of designs, we also offer a custom made service, if you have your own concepts or ideas of decorative grille panel designs please feel free to contact us.

Decorative Grille Panels :: Application
Today, decorative grille panel are widely applied in interior decoration, such as decorative wall screens, decorative ceiling panels, frame of lighting system etc.

Decorative Grille Panels :: Gallery

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