Different raw finish 3d panels compare

We all know that Pangu panels are made from MDF panels, but you many don’t know that the quality is total different for raw finished 3d panels if we select different type of  raw MDF panels.

There are 2 kind of raw finish 3d panels are put together in the following photo, need not to touch, we can find out in the first sight that the first one  is much better than the second one. As we can see, the first one the grand of panel is smaller, so it comes out the smooth touching and the second one is very fuzzy.

2 different kinds of raw finish mdf panels

2 different kinds of raw finish mdf panels

Except from different raw mdf materials, the quality of the panels are also relative to the knife of the cutting machine and the quality of CNC machine, if the knife is very sharp and the CNC machine is good, then the raw finish 3d panel will come our perfect.

Pangu never save the cost at the expense of quality, so for the raw finish 3d panels, the CNC machine is the top quality, the raw mdf material we select is in high density and smaller grants.

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