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Can Pangu Panels be Applied to Web Environment?

This is an open question, Pangu Panels is made from MDF ( middle density fiber board), and fiber board will be inflatable as soon as it dipped into the water or in the extremely web environment such as shower room or swimming pool wall. However, the surface of this kind of 3d wall panels is coated by PU paint, and melamine covered on the back side of the panels, thus they are moisture proof, it stand by short moisture environment.

In a whole, we don’t recommend to apply this kind of wall covering material in very wet environment, if you insist on installing in relative wet wall environment, we suggest you use damp-proof MDF instead, or choose other substitute material such as solid wood, PVC 3d wall panels and a lot of more.

How Can I Reach Pangu Factory

Welcome to visit our factory, if you wanna visit our factory, please download the map on Address of Our Factory, if you go from JING ZHU high way, please exit at BEIXING Exit, turn right to Beixing direction, go straight for around 1 mile (1.7 KM) and our factory is in your right handside.

pangu factory

Pangu factory

Nominated information about samples

1. Nominated 3d wall panels information:
Measurement: 300mm*300mm*15mm
Finish: Raw finish / white paint finish / primer finish
Weight: around 1 kg ( weight before packing)

2. Nominated decorative grille wall panls information:
Measurement: 300mm*300mm*15mm
Finish: Raw finish / white paint finish / primer finish
Weight: around 0.7 kg ( weight before packing, weight are also vary from different patterns)

3. Nominated acoustic wall panls information:
Measurement: 128mm*200mm*15mm
Finish: melamine
Type: 28/4, 16/3 etc.
Weight: around 0.7 kg ( weight before packing)

Customize designs are also available, please contact us by sending email to if you need the services.

Free samples policy

Pangu offers free samples to help our customers get a better idea of our 3d wall panels, the following are general free samples policies.

For the existing patterns, samples within 3 panels are free of charge, but we don’t cover the freight charge, which means that you have to offer a DHL account or FedEx account, if not, please ask a courier to fetch the samples from us.

If you have NEITHER express account NOR courier, we also offer the facility of sending samples for you. You have to deposit the express charge to our account if you want.

For custom designs, the samples are not free, because our designer have to spend quite a lot of time in designing the patterns and also have to generate the profiles for our CNC machine.

Should you have any questions you can leave a message in our website or write to

Why the price of different pattern code are different

Many customer may puzzled when they found the the price of different 3d wall panels are vary, the following are some reasons that explain why the price of different patterns are different:

1) Carving time, the carving time of CNC machine for different patterns are vary, some patterns like WP3001, WP3003, the carving time is very short, while some patterns like WP3301, 3302 the carving time is many times longer than those easy patterns, thus make the cost higher than the easier patterns;

2) Grinding time, the time we spend in grinding process for different patterns are also different, like WP3001 and WP3105, even though the pattern looks similar, but the grinding time of WP3105 is much longer than WP3001, then the cost of WP3105 is higher than WP3001

3) New designs, for the new wall panel designs, we spend time to design it, and for the market the pattern is totally new, then the price will be a little bit higher than the regular one.