Glass + Grille + Glass Model

Decorative grille panels are ideal architectural wall panels for wall partition, the effect is stunning and charming compare to some other non-transparent wall panels, however, sometimes we met some small problems when install it:

1) Decorative grille panels are easy to get damaged, compare to 3d wave panels or other material, decorative grill is fragiler.
2) Decorative grille panels are easy to get dirty and it is quite difficult to clean.

The “glass + grille + glass” model can easily get these problems solved. “glass + grille + glass” model means one grille panel in between, two glasses on the back and front, there are many advantages of this model:

1) Dust proof, the glasses can prevent the dust getting inside
2) Make the grill stronger, after packed by glass, the grille will become relatively stronger.
3) Keep the transparency at the same time.

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