New Recommended Installation Idea for 3d wall panels

New recommended installation idea for 3d wall panels:

Step 1. Ensure wall surface is smooth and levelled, ideally to have a plywood backing or plywood strips nailed directly onto concrete wall prior to installation of the panels.

Step 2. Pre-cut the 3d wall panels to fit wall dimensions using traditional table saw commonly used by furniture makers and carpenters.

Step 3. For trimming or cutting of corners or opening use a electric jigsaw with saw blade suitable for wood cutting.

Step 4. For added strength, apply spots of bonding adhesive (commonly used in woodworking industry) onto the back of the 3d wall panels before securing.

Step 5.  For installation of more than one panel, ensure that the routed patterns meet the next adjoining 3d wall panel. Leave a gap of 1-2mm for fillers before paint application.

Step 6. Secure the 3d wall panels by using air-compressor operated fine nails or staplers directly onto plywood backing.

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