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New 3D MDF Wall Panels Designs

Two news designs of 3d MDF wall panels launched on March 11th, 2016 – Lakes and new diamonds.

3d mdf wall panel lake desin

New 3d mdf wall panel lake desin

New 3d wall panel diamond design

New 3d wall panel diamond design

The lakes, which come with 18mm in thickness, has its new code number WP3310; the new diamonds design, which is different from the traditional design WP3061, the new 3d MDF wall panel design is much more beautiful, because each diamond has different shapes from the designs around, we are delight to name it WP3346.


Can Pangu Panels be Applied to Web Environment?

This is an open question, Pangu Panels is made from MDF ( middle density fiber board), and fiber board will be inflatable as soon as it dipped into the water or in the extremely web environment such as shower room or swimming pool wall. However, the surface of this kind of 3d wall panels is coated by PU paint, and melamine covered on the back side of the panels, thus they are moisture proof, it stand by short moisture environment.

In a whole, we don’t recommend to apply this kind of wall covering material in very wet environment, if you insist on installing in relative wet wall environment, we suggest you use damp-proof MDF instead, or choose other substitute material such as solid wood, PVC 3d wall panels and a lot of more.

Happy Chinese New Year Holidays

Honorable customers,

As Chinese new year is coming, Pangu Woodwork Co., Ltd will break during this period, the vocation will last from 30th, January to 14th February, all the orders we received during the holidays will pending manufacturer, we will process it after 15th, if you are not sure about the delivery time, please kindly contact our sales.

Wish you a perfect Year Monkey ( 2016 is the year of money in China)


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Pangu wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Christmas is the perfect moment to show respect and appreciation to everyone. Not only relatives and friends, but also everybody, companies, employees or colleagues who live together or maintain any relationship, either personal or working life.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

PANGU Signed an Cooperative Contract With DHL

On 20th October, 2015 PANGU Woodwork CO., Ltd signed an agreement with DHL in DHL Guangzhou office. which will greatly help Pangu and its customer to save the delivery cost.

In the contract, DHL and Pangu make an agreement to offer better service of their customer, DHL agrees to offer up to 71% discount of shipping freight to Pangu,  in return, Pangu agree to make minimum $80,000 express cost in the first cooperating years