Pangu Panels WP series installation methods:
Installation of this Pangu panels is very easy. It is a material which can be cut and painted.
To ensure that all the cuts are straight it is best to use woodwork tools and always cut the material on the front side (the surface with the pattern). The wall to which the panels are to be installed should be as flat as possible to ensure perfect assembly between the panels.
The installation of this product is exactly the same as other wooden panels; they can be glued directly to the wall or screwed onto the wall. If using screws to attach the panels to the wall, a putty should be used to cover the screw heads. As such, we always recommend gluing the panels to the wall with contact or assembly adhesive as a first option.
Before painting the panels, make sure that they are completely clean and dust free.
Once the panels are installed, they can be painted using any type of paint applied with a brush, a roller brush or a spray gun. Avoid drips by not overloading the brush with paint.
The finished result will be excellent.

There are so many ways can fix this panel, the following is some way you can choose, if you have better way please go ahead.
The Walls must be smooth prior to use as wall panel.
Plywood of 5mm thickness must be fixed on walls for getting excellent results and long term use, before fixing the panel.
1, Headless trunk-nails should be used for monuting the panel on plywood,so that the nail marks are invisible
2, use the air gun shoot the edge to fix the panel
3, brush the latex glue on the back evenly, then stick it to the plywood.
4, install nail on the back of the panel, then hang it on the wall or other place you want to decorate.
Warning: Only soft dry cloth should be used for dusting and cleaning the Pangu panels, no hard corrosive chemicals should be used for cleaning as that could damage the paints and Pangu panels.